John MacCallum

... Artist


I believe that innate within us is the desire to record what we see - whether purely visual, subjective or culturally biased - using marks made by our hands and body. My images, low reliefs and sculptures recycle aspects of artists and styles that inspire me: Caravaggio, Courbet, early 20th century Russian modernism, palaeolithic cave painting and American abstract expressionism. To this, I add 20th and 21st century materials: plastic, silicone, latex, and electrical and electronic elements. Built into each of my hand made works is an overt and covert content. Recycled materials, essentially garbage, and materials usually handled only by labourers and tradespeople (like myself), such as caulking, work clothes, tarps, plywood scraps, branches, electric motors and hundreds of left over fasteners are dragged into the arena of elite culture. They are painted, moulded or assembled to create images and structures reminiscent of past styles.